What We Do

We are an interdisciplinary group of LGBTQI professionals working together to serve our community as attorneys, therapists, and financial specialists.



Prepare donor, adoption, pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and domestic partnership agreements
Develop estate plans for individuals and/or couples
Mediate or represent individuals in separation, divorce, and other family issues

Mental Health Professionals

Explore issues arising from donor, open adoption, pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and domestic partnership agreements
Work with individuals and couples to better manage life’s challenges
Facilitate the process of separation or divorce with mediation, coaching, and co-parenting counseling

Financial Specialists

Assist individuals and couples in understanding their financial situation
Develop a customized financial plan to ensure the realization of short-term and long-term financial goals
Assist individuals and couples through the financial aspects of separation and divorce



“Parenting is the most difficult job I’ve ever had.” How many times have you said this or heard others say it? Even in the best of relationships resolving conflict within the family can be stressful. If you need guidance but don’t wish to further aggravate a situation by using blame, guilt or shame, our team of professionals can help you.

If you are dissolving your relationship, battling over custody or decision-making for your children, struggling to resolve issues of financial support, or if you and your siblings are experiencing conflict about caring for an elderly parent, we can help you resolve such issues in a respectful and productive manner. Through a structured process geared toward understanding and problem solving, we can help you move towards a more peaceful approach to resolving your family conflicts.


Whether you are considering marriage, moving in with your partner or building a family, we can help you identify issues, facilitate conversations and assist you in making informed choices together in a safe and supportive environment.

LGBTQI relationships do not all fit the traditional marriage paradigm. If you are choosing a known donor or plan to co-parent with another couple, we can help you structure an agreement that represents your intentions and supports the type of family you are creating.

Some couples want to have property or living-together agreements to help determine the financial structure of their relationships. Some want to create donor and co-parenting agreements.

Mental health specialists can help you understand the issues surrounding child development and co-parenting. Financial specialists can help with understanding budgeting and accumulating net worth. Attorneys can give advice and prepare legal documents. As a team, we can help you make informed choices that represent your true intentions.


Elder mediation helps families make decisions for their aging members. Dealing with an elderly parent who is losing memory or needs help to care for himself or herself can cause enormous family strains and conflicts. Issues can involve home care options, living arrangements, health, family communication, finances etc. Each family member has the opportunity to participate in the process, with or without the elderly parent. Elder mediation enables the varying needs of the family members to be expressed and works to contain conflicts, with the goal of finding solutions and keeping the family connected.


Whether your family is transitioning through a separation or divorce or you are raising children in a non-traditional setting, we will assist with every aspect of your parenting plan – from the legal intricacies to the financial realities to developmental and psychological needs of your child(ren).

A parenting agreement defines how you and your ex-partner/spouse will share time with your child(ren), and how you will make important decisions for your child(ren). A financial agreement, in addition to parenting time and decision-making, can also be prepared to ensure the care and well-being of the child(ren). Engaging in a thoughtful, facilitated discussion about parenting time and decision-making will lay the groundwork for a healthy co-parenting relationship and create a structure to help your family navigate new terrain. Setting clear expectations at the outset will serve to reduce conflict in the future and make room for a rewarding co-parenting relationship. If conflicts arise after a separation or divorce, we can assist families in finding common ground.