Go HighMichelle Obama repeatedly said “when they go low, we go high” to try to preserve dignity during the last election. Now that we are into the new administration, we need to keep this philosophy in our minds. We may feel powerless and fearful every day when we hear or read the news and assess the consequences, but we can and should “go high” in how we handle personal aspects of our own lives, including family conflicts which may emerge or increase during these times.

“Going high” means resolving issues in a climate of peace and respect. And no matter what is happening out there we do have the power to exercise control over family conflicts.

Whether you are experiencing challenges about how to co-parent, tackling difficult financial issues or confronting problems in your relationship with your partner, spouse, or family of origin, mediation and/or family therapy may help you create sustainable resolutions. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families may well be experiencing increased conflicts in this climate of intolerance and the extra stresses that this puts on our lives. We can’t control what the new administration does but we can control how we approach conflict in our own lives. We can “go high” and preserve our values even in the face of difficult conflicts.