We are a group of multi-disciplinary professionals comprised of therapists, financial advisors, mediators and attorneys. We have firsthand experience with the complex issues that shape the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. We recognize that discrimination and bias still exist in the law, in the court system, the places where we live and sometimes within our own families. We have seen how that bias plays out in the courts when our families are in crisis. We think there is a better way to assist our community that is more peaceful and dignified.

Mediation and collaborative practice are process options where families can better control the pace, the costs, and the outcomes of any conflicts or decision-making. We have been trained and are expert in knowing how to allow the family to be central in any dispute with the aim of a successful resolution.

As professionals, we engage in a structured process, either using mediation or a collaborative model, to assist LGBTQI clients and their families to understand each other, identify problems and develop the solutions. Furthermore, just as important, we help our clients to move towards resolution of the conflict in a respectful and compassionate manner. We bring our years of professional experience, and our own personal struggles as LGBTQI people, to compassionately listen to LBGTQI families and individuals and apply our expertise as we provide our clients the environment and tools to resolve their differences.