Surrogacy Agreements Come to New York! What to Know Before you Make One

New York’s new Child Parent Security Act (CPSA) comes into effect in February 2021. The CPSA updates New York’s parenting law in many ways, including legalizing compensated gestational surrogacy. First, definitions: A surrogate is pregnant without the intention of being a parent, with an embryo implanted in their uterus to carry

Ten Things To Know about Co-Parenting During COVID-19

With the drastic changes in our day-to-day lives from the pandemic and social distancing, many families are experiencing anxiety, confusion, and exacerbation of existing conflicts. Many separated co-parents are finding themselves suddenly having to renegotiate their parenting time, work through differing risk assessments, and collaborate in new and unfamiliar ways to

Reasons to Consider Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

Welcome to 2020! The last decade included some groundbreaking victories for the Queer community-specifically concerning marriage equality. LGBTQ marriages are unique because many long-term relationships existed prior to marriage equality and so the inception of a committed relationship can predate the legal marriage by years and even decades. When couples say

Who is the “Real” Mom?

In families where there are two mothers, it is important to understand that they are both equal parents, regardless of who gave birth to the child. Of course, carrying a child for nine months is a bonding process and the woman who gives birth feels very connected to her child. However,

Great news for LGBTQ families in New York!

This week, Governor Cuomo signed into law a much needed amendment to the adoption law which makes it possible for adoptions to go forward for married couples in New York, regardless of whether the parentage is already legally recognized by NY State! This law “fixes” the issue many LGBTQ married couples

Tips for Successful New Partner Integration into the Family

We often hear about the "evil stepmother " or the militaristic overly disciplinarian stepfather or the concern that parents will be replaced. New partners, however, can make a positive impact on the family and may enhance the child's life rather than detracting.

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