Whether you are an individual, couple, or polyamorous family we can help you craft a co-habitation agreement, pre-marital agreement, known donor sperm agreement or co-parenting agreement. LGBTQI Family Professionals of NY will facilitate discussions and help you make decisions reflecting your goals and intentions.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples in the queer community are taking advantage of the rights, benefits and stability that marriage provides. It is important to recognize that when we get married we are inviting the government and the law into our relationships. It is important to educate ourselves about both the benefits and responsibilities of marriage. You can be proactive and create a prenuptial agreement to determine how you will handle all financial, property and other related issues in the event of death or divorce in the future.

Many LGBTQ couples have been in long-term relationships before marriage equality. Engaging in a facilitated conversation to share philosophies on premarital assets will minimize conflict in the event of dissolution of marriage or death. At minimum, an initial consultation with a professional can introduce you to the responsibilities and legal implications of marriage and can help you begin your marriage in a positive and thoughtful direction.

Cohabitation Agreements

Many LGBTQ couples choose to live together but do not get married. In addition, marriage is not available to those in polyamorous relationships. Cohabitation agreements empower you to create a document that reflects your philosophy, sets out your rights and responsibilities to each other, and create a binding legal document. The process of creating the document can also help build trust by engaging in a transparent conversation about finances and expectations as you continue your lives together.

Sperm Donor Agreements

If you are planning to get pregnant using sperm from a known donor, it is wise to enter into a written agreement with the donor detailing the terms of your understanding.

LGBTQ family law is constantly evolving and our team of LGBTQ attorneys can provide you with the legal context for your situation. We will craft an agreement that provides the fullest protection of the law for everyone involved.

Co-Parenting Agreements

If you are planning to build your family with a friend, a new partner or in a polyamorous relationship, you may have questions about how to co-parent together. Co-parenting can be complicated and the emerging landscape of how New York state law defines “parent” does not always reflect diverse LGBTQ families. Our experienced queer family professionals will create an environment for you to discuss your intentions, perspectives and expectations as you consider the journey of co-parenting. In addition, we provide support to couples who are blending their families so the adjustment and transition is a smooth one.

Our mental health professionals are available to discuss the emotional aspects of co-parenting as well as developmental stages of your child. Our experienced financial professionals can help you understand the financial needs of your child to insure their needs are met. Our attorneys and mediators will help you create a child-centered agreement that meets the needs and interests of your family.

Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption is a court proceeding that permits a parent to adopt the biological or adoptive child of her or his partner. At the end of the proceeding an order of adoption is issued legalizing the relationship between the non-biological parent and the child without terminating the biological parent’s rights.

Second parent adoption insures that the relationship between non-biological parent and the child is legally protected and recognized. Even if you are married when your child is born and both parents are listed on the child’s birth certificate, second parent adoption continues to be the best practice.