Financial decisions made at the time of divorce impact the future of everyone in the family.

A thorough and realistic understanding of current and future cash flows of the couple should be examined and considered. In addition, taxes, Social Security benefits, pensions, retirement accounts, stock options, employer bonuses, employee benefits and compensation, insurance policies, annuities, business valuations, and debt issues should be analyzed. and the choices regarding the ownership or sale of the marital residence specific to the individuals.

Our role, as uniquely trained LGBTQI financial professionals, is to educate, analyze and inform you about your financial options when families are splitting their households. Sometimes, alternate proposals for a divorce settlement can be offered to help when there is an impasse.  Knowing the financial projections for various proposals is especially critical in moving the divorce process forward when it otherwise may be stalled. This means knowing where you stand financially not only on day one after the divorce, but also years later. This is accomplished by making projections using conservative estimates on investment returns, salary raises, interest rates, and other variables. Spreadsheets, graphs, and narratives are used to explain and highlight the potential financial outcome of settlement proposals.

We will help you make decisions that result in a realistic, post-divorce spending plan and a fair division of the assets. Our goal is to help ensure a secure financial foundation for the children and for the separating couple.