Assisting with the legal and/or psychosocial needs of an elder in an LGBTQ family setting can be especially challenging. If you are having difficulty getting on the same page with your other adult family members (or the elder in question) about appropriate care and general decision-making, an LGBTQ Family Professional is here to help.

In this dynamic process, the mediator assists family members and other important stakeholders, such as doctors and caregivers, with communication. We help all involved to collaborate about each individual’s financial, professional and/or personal responsibilities to the elder, and the elder. We review the elder’s estate-planning requirements, living circumstances, health needs and overall quality of life.  The mediator supports the elder and anyone with an important relationship to him or her, to plan ahead for change and, when necessary, to resolve conflicts about changes that have already taken place.

The Elder Mediator acts as a neutral, objective third party to facilitate communication within the family and reach common understandings of the situation. Where relevant, an elder care specialist who can help identify other professionals to assist with issues such as alternate living and care arrangements, an attorney to work with preservation of assets, a financial planner, a real estate broker and even an architect or someone knowledgeable about modifications to the elder’s home can also be brought in to share knowledge.

When the family is in agreement the participants will be better able to move forward to address the health, safety and monetary issues and available choices. Within Elder Mediation, tough decisions can be made within appropriate time frames with each family member having a voice. Effective channels of communication are developed to meet the ongoing challenges.

If it is difficult or geographically impossible to get everyone in the same room at the same time, Skype or conference call sessions and other accommodations can be arranged. We have resources to help your family to move forward to meet the challenges of caring for an elderly family member.